Friday, 26 December 2014

How to: Survive Boxing Day Shopping || TIps & Tricks

Boxing Day may be the most gruelling shopping holiday ever. But nobody can deny a great deal and why shop the retail price when you can save hundreds in one weekend. I created a how to with some tips and tricks that I use myself and some can apply to others as well.

1. Have a plan & budget

People during boxing day often fall for the impulse buy and end up with a bunch of useless items that they will not end up using. Create a list of needs and wants, and budget prior to shopping, as well as start comparing prices from online stores. (Better yet... nowadays it's better to shop online). Think about the parking time before hand as well. I always suggest getting to the mall at least 30 minutes prior to opening. This way you will have a relaxing start to the day. 

2. Quality not Quantity
I've been a victim of buying an item just because it claimed to have a major discount. However, refrain from doing so because buying quality products end up being a better investment than buying more of the cheap stuff. Also, boxing day sales should be for purchasing investment items. Try not to purchase too much of the trendy or it items because they will serve their purpose for long. Items you should consider should be, shoes, winter coats, leather bags, laptops, or any other luxury items that otherwise would be too expensive to shop at once.

3. Leave your kids at home
If you are a parent and have young children (under the age of 10) refrain from bringing them to the mall. Boxing day is not very safe as it is crowded, and also kids will ruin both the experience for yourself and others. 

4. Come Prepared

Photo By Melodie Jeng, The NYC Streets

It has always baffled me when people dress up as if they are going to a wedding when they are shopping. People do know me to always be done up, but ladies don't wear heels & gents wear some sneakers. Dress for the occasion, wear a bunch of light and warm layers so that you can adjust if necessary and bring a drink and snack with you.

This has never made any sense to me. But for the people who are too lazy to wait a day or two to bring a return or exchange or price adjustment... stop being douches. It is bad enough that people wait hours at a time to spend their hard earned money, and then for a person to cause further disruption is plain inconsiderate.

6. Shop Online

Online shops are in fact the least stressful form of boxing day shopping. If you can afford to pay the shipping and handling and don't mind the fact that the items are not tangible until your receive online is right for you. You will (mostly) get the same deals, unless there are door-busters for arriving at the location, and the comfort of your own home to shop from.

7. Ditch the Car

To avoid the extra pain of Boxing day shopping, consider taking a cab or car pooling to the mall with friends. That way you will be able to start and end your day on a relaxing and hopefully successful note. 

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