Tuesday, 14 October 2014

TPG Rant: Kanye West....Not a Fashion Icon

The edgy rapper who is known for his love for fashion, aka Kanye West, is really starting to get on my nerves. Many people keep talking about how he is iconic in the fashion industry and to be honest, it makes me cringe. I love Kanye for what he is, a rapper, but his fashion career is only as good as his 15 minutes of fame.....

Lets begin with his collection for APC; it was unoriginal, unauthentic, and boring. There is nothing wrong with being a minimalist, but if you are going to try, at least charge a reasonable price for it. Now the real reason why I despise his "fashion sense" is because of his womenswear collection. I was talking to a friend of mine the other day, who loves everything Kanye does. But he brought up that when it came to his womenswear collection, people expected too much from Kanye....... Now I may not care for Kanye that much but lets be real, his arrogance is both his best and worst asset. Kanye has built the reputation that he was this "great designer", Kanye is the person who wanted to show at Paris Fashion Week, Kanye is the same damn person who created a shit show with press and media for his show, and under-delivered. Now, there is a standard built when one shows at Paris Fashion Week, and that standard is craftsmanship, not clothing for a high budget hooker, with awful quality. The only thing that I personally like that Mr. West has designed were the Red October sneakers, but I think I only liked them because they were red. I will give credit where it is due however, he is a Rap Icon and that is the only lane that he should stay in, until he improves his designing skills, creates original pieces, and starts caring about quality + a better personality would be a bonus. Kanye does have the money and the basis to be a great designer, but there is still a lot of growth for him to get there.

Kanye West SS12

Kanye West FW12

Kanye in GQ 2014, wearing Kanye APC

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