Wednesday, 30 October 2013


Here is myself with the Actor. I am wearing All RW&CO - FW/13-14, A Zara - mens portfolio clutch & Cole Haan Loafers. It was pretty cool meeting the man behind the collection. I was not there on a mission to just meet a celebrity - I was there to really see what his collection was about and what inspired him. He designed pieces on what he would wear and what he thought would look good on every guy. It was a pleasant surprise - because rarely nowadays there are good quality collaborations - with a still manly appeal to them. 

Top Three Picks
It was hard to narrow down the collection to the best three items, but I did. The double breasted coat was a total winner and by far my favorite item in the collection. It was priced at $249, and featured cool details such as the D Hook at the back of the coat - so that you can hang it.
The Trousers with the  detachable suspenders were made from a really good quality woolly - stretch fabric. They fit really well and the suspenders were a great addition because of  the contrast it offered.
Finally the button down tartan shirt: If you read my blog often - you would know that I love any button down with a button down collar and I really enjoyed the way it fit and the colour it came in.
I didn't get a chance to include the baseball cap accessory - however, it was probably the first fitted - street style cap that I would probably ever wear... so a big thumbs up for that.
Best Dressed:
This is my list of the best dressed of the night - from left to right:
Hayden's Stylist (Name unknown) in: Isabel Marant Shoes & Top, Rag & Bone Jeans & Sophie Hulme Purse,
Jean-Paul C: in RW&CO Hayden Collection
Hayden Christensen: In his collection
Actor Zaib Shaikh - Best Known for Little Mosque on the Prairies: All RW&CO Hayden Collection

Here is a little extra from the collection:
Key Items: The speckled blazer, the burgundy knit cardigan & the teal or yellow chinos.

And here is the report card for the collection:

If the collection was larger in variety & perhaps carried a full suit and had shoes it would have been a solid 10/10. I am not kidding, the collection was killer - especially for the first RW&CO collaboration and also for the accessibility of the prices. I know that women probably like Hayden more than men do, but trust me ladies - there are some good Christmas/holiday present ideas for this collection. The collection runs from $35-$249 and is available to everyone November 7th.

Please leave a comment about what you thought about the collection or about the blog itself.
-Thank you for reading - The Prep Guy

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