Monday, 10 June 2013

The Three Best Looks: J.Press York Street - Fall/Winter 2013

New Segment: The Three Best Looks
The new segment showcases the three best looks from different fashion showings/campaigns for several brands that I admire. Also, I will talk about the overall theme for the show and how to make it more wearable in everyday life so that you can also have the it look for the upcoming season.
First up we have J.Press York St. The theme for the brand has always been over-the top preppy and it is a look that I admire the most. After all, I am The Prep Guy!
The first look is awesome because it is just a very basic gray flannel suit with the right accessories.
The second look is a bit more appropriate for how the weather will be. I like the contrast from the over-coat in respect to the rest of the outfit. It looks very sharp and extremely wearable.
The last look I loved for all the same reason I loved the first look, it is just a darker colour palette.

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