Thursday, 18 April 2013

TPG SELECTS: Club Monaco

Club Monaco has become one of my all-time favorite brand. The company, which was acquired by Ralph Lauren from  the brand creator Joe Mimran (of Joe Fresh), offers something for every guy, whether he is preppy, laid back, and even sporty. 

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 This look can be used with the blazer, but since it is summer, the chances of wearing it is slim. So I went with a nice cashmere sweater, and the key of putting the look together is by using the pants different colour tones.
Here is another more relaxed look which is perfect for  even a vacation look. The shoes from Pro-Keds are  not only affordable, but they are comfortable and versatile. The shorts are different and not too loud in the pink colour. With the light blue dress shirt and tie, it gives it a more polished and masculine preppy look.
This is another more casual look. Of course this blog is called the prep guy, but I am more than just about looking like you're ready to go to a special affair  it is about making all aspects of your style, well ... more stylish. What I love in this look is the orange chinos, they are brilliant and work well with the navy basics. Also! These amazing Mar

-The Prep Guy

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